1MED’s CEO, Enrico Perfler, was interviewed by Pharmatech Outlook, a major print life science magazine. The full interview is now available and published in the magazine’s issue of July 2020. 1MED has been featured in the magazine’s issue as one of the top 10 pharma and life science outsourcing consulting/service companies in Europe in 2020, and definined by its CEO’s as a company with “the competences, reliability and network of big CROs while maintaining the accessibility, responsiveness and costs of a small-medium company”. Quality and reliability are key values within 1MED: with its innovative and dynamic structure, 1MED supports “the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, continuously developing tools that allow manufacturers to satisfy the requirements of the MDR efficiently and allow smart working and remote monitoring of clinical sites” says CEO Enrico Perfler. The article provides an overview of how, within the current pandemic scenario due to the COVID-19 outbreak, medical device manufacturers, along with the European Union (EU), have had to increase their efforts to supply all the member states with the devices vital to dealing with this crisis. Further, the article provides key considerations on how, in the present context, where the medical device and pharmaceutical industry is struggling with the pandemic situation, manufacturers still need to focus on complying with the Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745 (MDR), whose date of application has been recently postponed from May 2020 to May 2021.

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